There are more CATS ON FILM than you might think. Their narrative functions are many and varied and, if I may say so, much more interesting than the narrative functions filled by dogs. 
In this blog I intend to explore these functions, as well as make more general observations about cats and the way they are depicted in the movies. Also, it’s a good excuse to post lots of screen-grabs of cats looking cute, inscrutable, menacing, pissed-off or just plain indifferent. Because I like looking at pictures of cats.
Welcome to CATS ON FILM. This blog is dedicated to the one and only Tiger Billson 1988-2003. Moggy in a million.

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  1. Anoif says:

    Can you check kitten continuity on Mervyn, in, 'The Wrong Box', for me, please?

  2. ANNE BILLSON says:

    I haven't seen The Wrong Box for, oh, 20 years, but will certainly take a look just as soon as I get some time. Many thanks for the link.

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