alien06CAT OF THE DAY 100: ALIEN (1979) & ALIENS (1986)

To mark our 100th CAT OF THE DAY, here’s one of the most popular cats in movies – Jones, from Alien. This handsome ginger puss performs multiple cat-functions. He is not just a CATGUFFIN, providing a pretext for characters to go wandering off by themselves, but also CATPANION to Ripley, giving her someone to talk to when all her crewmates have been killed off, provides several moments of CATSHOCK when he suddenly jumps out at people, and is furthermore a CATSCALLION, because you’re never quite sure, even at the end of the film, if he has been somehow been infected by the alien. (See CATEGORIES for further clarification.)

In fact, by the time we get to the sequel, seven years later, it’s quite clear Jones is an imposter, because look what 57 years of hypersleep have done! Entirely different ginger puss. Maybe the film-makers thought we wouldn’t notice.


In the event, though, it’s not Jones who turns out to have an alien inside him – the film-makers were fooling with you! – but Ripley herself. And it all turns out to be a horrible nightmare anyway.

I think we’re all agreed Prometheus would have been vastly improved by the presence of a cat.


So that’s 100 cats in 100 days (or nearly 100 – I was obliged to skip a couple when away from home and discovering, too late, that WordPress’s iPad application is useless). It has been harder work than I’d envisaged – the original idea was simply a picture with a caption, but I would sometimes get carried away – but it has also been a lot of fun. Also a pleasure reading your comments here, or on Twitter or Facebook, or even (hi Anne-Maree!) Google+.

But now CAT OF THE DAY is going on semi-sabbatical. It will continue – because I doubt I’ll ever run out of films with cats in them – but no longer on a daily basis. Possibly more like a weekly one, but I’m not going to impose a rule on myself. The cats will happen when they happen, and I hope you’ll look out for them.


In the meantime, since blogging brings in no money whatsoever, I shall try once again to flog my short story MY DAY BY JONES to you. If you ever wondered what the events of Alien looked like from Jones’s angle, here – at last – is a short story (approx 2200 words) that gives you the cat’s-eye view.

This e-story costs 99 US cents (or approximately 60 UK pence or 0.76 Euros) to download in any format, and the price also includes samples of my other work (novels and film-writing that have previously been published elsewhere in traditional non-e form). Click on the ginger puss below to be taken to smashwords for further details. (It’s also available on amazon, but with DRM.)

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12 Responses to CAT OF THE DAY 100: ALIEN + ALIENS

  1. Jellybird says:

    Loved the series! One of my favorite cats on film was the cat in American Splendor, who, for reasons unclear, was always ambling about just being a cat. Cat in the bath tub. Cat on the couch. In the DVD commentary Paul Giamatti explains that the cat was an excellent cat actor and his work wasn’t really planned, he was just hanging about. At one point he says something to the effect of “Great cat work here.” 🙂

  2. sunny says:

    I hope you start updating this again🙂 I love cats and actively seek them out in movies, life, etc.🙂

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  4. Chris Jenkins says:

    Great website, clearly one of the most important on the net. I can’t believe I haven’t found it before. Two cat movies I have seen recently which are worth checking out: Rentaneko (Rent-a-cat, 2012), a Japanese comedy-drama the title of which is pretty self-explanatory; and Miss Minoes (2001), a Dutch film based I think on a children’s book, in which a curious cat turns into a girl reporter. Some CGI cats here, which is of course cheating, but otherwise fun. Keep posting!

    • AnneBillson says:

      Thank you! Been a while since I added posts, but one of these days I’ll get down to it. And thank you for your tips – Renat-a-cat sounds right up my street. Funnily enough, just bought an audiobook of Minoes in Dutch (desperate attempt to improve my spoken Flemish – I live in Belgium). Been meaning to watch the film for some time; wondering whether I can tackle the original version…

  5. rtcvers says:

    Hello Anne!
    I think your blog is a fabulous idea, particularly since I’m a film-reviewing cat. I’m ticked to present you with the Dragon’s Loyalty Award. Pick it up at my site, Franny’s Film Forum, anytime.🙂
    With the appropriate feline ennui masking enthusiasm,
    Franny the cat

    • annebillson says:

      Thank you for the Dragon’s Loyalty Award! Much appreciated. Sorry ti took me so long to reply to your lovely message – Cats on Film is on sabbatical right now, but I’m sure it will return.

  6. wellington says:

    A very good list!
    You can include also:
    The Cat Returns (Neko no Ongaeshi)
    When the cat comes… (Az prijde kocour – Czechoslovakia – 1963)
    The Nine livs of Fritz the Cat (1974)
    The Cat Creature (TV movie, 1973)
    The Cat fro Outer Space (1978)

  7. swanstep says:

    For your catsideration: Inside LLewyn Davis (2013)

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