scrooged03CAT OF THE DAY 097: SCROOGED (1988)

[Television executive Frank Cross is talking to his boss, Preston Rhinelander.]

Preston Rhinelander: Frank, have you any idea how many cats there are in this country?

Frank Cross: No… I don’t have those… no.

Preston Rhinelander: Twenty-seven million. Do you know how many dogs?

Frank Cross: In America?

Preston Rhinelander: Forty-eight million. We spend four billion dollars on petfood alone. Now I have here a study from Hampstead University which shows us that cats and dogs are beginning to watch television. If these scientists are right, we should start programming right now. In twenty years they could become steady viewers.

Frank Cross: Progamming… for cats?

Preston Rhinelander: Walk with me, Frank. Now I’m not saying build a whole show around animals. All I’m suggesting is that we occasionally throw in a little pet appeal. Some birds, a squirrel… Mice! Exactly. You remember Kojak and the lollipops? What about a cop that dangles string?



Robert Mitchum and Bill Murray in a loose adaptation of A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, screenplay by Mitch Glazer and Michael O’Donoghue, directed by Richard Donner.

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4 Responses to CAT OF THE DAY 097: SCROOGED

  1. This is the only online evidence I can find of that character’s pets–I just want to see a shot of Robert Mitchum surrounded by cats! Is that so wrong?

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