thevow05CAT OF THE DAY 094: THE VOW (2012)

Rachel McAdams loses the last five years of her memory in a car accident, reverts to the bourgeois law student she was before she left home to become a sensitive artist, and forgets she was ever married to Channing Tatum. To express his grief, Tatum takes his shirt off and adopts the stray cat he had once teased her about feeding.

thevow06If he can’t have Rachel, at least he can have the pussy. Even though he’s allergic to it.

That’s love.


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5 Responses to CAT OF THE DAY 094: THE VOW

  1. bernardoshea says:

    Hello, that was funny … I happened to see that film by chance recently… I am amazed at how you manage to get footage of all these cats….how many films do think there are with cats in them? Sooner or later you will run out of supply, surely? Anyway, have fun, cheers

  2. AnneBillson says:

    I doubt I shall ever run out of films with cats in them so long as there are films to watch – there seems to be a limitless supply, and I keep discovering new ones in unexpected places. But when I reach CAT OF THE DAY 100 I shall slow down a little, I think.

  3. Trish Walker says:

    Just found CAT OF THE DAY and love it. Don’t stop. Much fun!

  4. NhungMai says:

    I love the movie. And the cat made the movie brighter and warmer. Thankiu for the post :*

  5. annebillson says:

    Thanks for your encouragement, Trish and NhungMai!

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