joyeux noelfelixnestorCAT OF THE DAY 066: JOYEUX NOËL (aka MERRY CHRISTMAS) (2005)

The Western Front, Christmas Eve 1914. German, Scottish and French troops cease fire and climb out of their respective Trenches to start singing, playing football and share drinks and cigarettes. This really happened.

Meanwhile, a French soldier (Dany Boon, above) finds that Nestor the cat, whom he has known since kittenhood, has been fraternising with the Germans, who have been calling the cat Felix.

Typical cat behaviour, in other words. Cosy up to more than one household at once in the hope of getting twice the amount of tuck.

In real life, the cat was arrested and executed for treason. This really happened too. Writer-director Christian Caron filmed this scene, but cut it from the film on the grounds that no audience would ever believe it. So let’s pretend it never happened.

A very Merry Christmas to cats everywhere!

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3 Responses to CAT OF THE DAY 066: JOYEUX NOËL

  1. Ann says:

    Sick people shooting a cat for spying??!

  2. Katherine says:

    But does anyone know the cat actor’s name?? I love him

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